What Parents Say About  
the Choices, Cookies & Kids DVD

THIS DVD has made a remarkable change in the lives of my children. We just started implementing the “choices” with them in the last two weeks, and it has made such an impact already.
— Parent of children ages 3 & 5
There has been a dramatic change in our teenager from defiance to cooperative behavior almost instantly. She stopped her bossy hostile behavior and has gained self-worth. She now knows that her choices make or break her day. The Choices, Cookies & Kids method of dealing with our teenager has been life changing!
— Parent of a child age 15
Parenting is HARD! I wish I had this LIFE CHANGING Choices, Cookies & Kids DVD 6 years ago! All parents need this information. I now see so many mistakes we made along the way.
— Parent of children ages 7 & 12
I started using the Choices, Cookies & Kids techniques on my toddler yesterday and they are already proving to be invaluable.
— Parent of a child age 2
Teaching your child self-control and self-discipline is one of the most precious and valuable things a parent can do. This DVD teaches you the steps for doing just that.
— Parent of a child age 8
The best part about the Cookies method is that the child must take responsibility for his own actions.
— Parent of a child age 5
I have even tried this approach with employees where I work, and incredibly, it works!
— Reaction of a Parent/Store manager

What Professionals Say About
the Choices, Cookies & Kids DVD

Choices, Cookies & Kids speaks to the fundamental responsibility of parents and the primary need of children: development of the child’s character. This approach works! Every parent should watch this DVD!
— Reaction of a child psychiatrist
The language of the Choices, Cookies & Kids method helps students take responsibility for their own actions in the classroom and helps me stay emotionally detached from the consequences. I give way too many warnings before implementing the Choices method, thus causing students to continue pushing to test the limits. I want this method to be standard procedure in my classroom.
— Reaction of a teacher