Choices, Cookies & Kids

  • Want to help your child become a better decision maker?

  • Want to stop yelling at your children?

  • Want to stop battling with your teenager?

  • Want to help your child make better choices?

  • Want to develop strong character qualities in your child?

  • Want to de-stress parenting?

  • Want to help your child become more compliant?

  • Want to change your child’s attitude?

  • Want to help your child become a responsible person?

The Choices, Cookies & Kids DVD will help you accomplish these goals.  In one evening, you can learn how to help your child develop self-control, self-discipline and self-responsibility.

Choices, Cookies and Kids: The Beginning

"The beginning grew out of a spontaneous interaction with my three year old daughter. Just before bedtime one evening, she came out of the kitchen clutching double handfuls of cookies. Before I blurted out the usual ‘No, you can’t eat all those cookies,’ a thought went through my head: My child has never made any significant choices until now.  How will she learn to make responsible choices when she is a teenager unless we start now? And at that moment, my Choices, Cookies & Kids Method of Discipline was born.”
                                                                                                                                 –Dr. Garry Landreth

Children of all ages need the security of boundaries and limitations on behavior.  I believe the most loving thing parents and care-taking adults can do is help children learn how to control their own behavior, to exercise self discipline, to say “no” to themselves.  The Choices, Cookies & Kids Method is based on the principle that making choices is the basis for self-discipline and that creative choice giving teaches decision making which in turn develops self-responsibility and promotes self-control.




When will children ever learn what it feels like to make a decision or ever learn what responsibility feels like if parents never allow children to make decisions?  This DVD will walk you through the process of learning to help your child make responsible choices that translate into NEW BEHAVIORS.