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Choices. Cookies and Kids is a practical “How To” DVD that captures the viewers attention with Dr. Landreth’s humorous stories about his interactions with his children.  Each story makes a powerful and lasting teaching point about how to use his method of choice giving to change children’s behaviors and in the process DE-STRESSES PARENTING.

In one evening, you can learn how to help your child develop SELF-CONTROL, SELF-DISCIPLINE AND SELF-RESPONSIBILITY.

This DVD will walk you through the process of learning to help your child make responsible choices that translate into NEW BEHAVIORS.

"I just watched Choices Cookies and Kids and am filled with relief.  I can do this!  Dr. Landreth is engaging as he presents his easy to apply method of choice giving.  Not only is it full of real life stories, but it’s also fun to watch.  This video gives parents a practical tool that will make parenting easier. "

— A Parent

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